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  • When you submit your inquiry, it will be entered into our database to track competitive pricing purposes. After an initial assessment by our yarn agent, we will contact you immediately.

  • You are under no obligation to purchase the inquired items.

  1. Greige 

    e.g. Cotton 

    e.g. Melange

    e.g. 52:48


    e.g. Single, Plied
    Process: Spinning End Use Twist Type

    e.g. Carded, Combed

    e.g. Ring, Open-End

    e.g. Weave, Knit

    e.g. S, Z
    Finish: Cotton Origin Lab Reports
    (On Demand)
    (On Demand)

    e.g. Raw White, Dull

    e.g. American
    Yes     No Yes Call
    Inquiry Expires On:

    e.g. Letter Of Credit

    e.g. Cost & Freight

    e.g. (10,000) in Kgs

    e.g. mm/dd/yy
    Special Instructions:
    (Example: Type of cones, Waxed, Packaging, etc.)
    Please provide us with the following information in case we need to contact you:
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  • Buyers are encouraged to send samples of their existing products at the following address before or after posting their listings on the web site. These samples should be postmarked with the country of origin and " Samples - Not For Sale" tag. 

FiberLink Trading, Inc.
9250 Bendigo Drive, Suite 101
Baldwinsville, NY 13027 

  • There are many things buyers can do to help generate competitive pricing on their listings. E.g. Good offering price, comprehensive product information, and prompt answers. If the buyer have numerous inquiries, we offer a complementary service whereby the buyer sends the information to Fiber-Trading.Com. or email at We will post these listings directly into our website database.

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